Wash-Away Applique 14″ by 10 Yard Roll, C&T Publishing


This roll of fusible, water-soluble paper is perfect for large areas of needle-turn applique motifs. Trim, fuse to fabric, stitch in place. Leave the paper inside, it will dissolve away in 1 to 2 washings. Applique edges stay crisp without slicing into the quilt to remove papers.

Draw appliqué motifs or cut to printer size and print them with an ink-jet printer, fuse the paper to your appliqué fabric, sew on the motif, then just wash away the paper after stitching. Appliqués are soft and flexible without the need to cut your quilt or remove freezer paper.

14″ x 10 yard roll
Printable · Water Soluble Single-Sided Fusible
Use with your ink-jet printer for applique templates or foundation piecing patterns.
Transparent enough to trace your applique designs.
Washes out for a softer end result or simply leave it in… it will soften over time.
Paper piecing: You can fuse the first piece on, no ripping paper off, no risk of damaging your stitches.
A crisp clean edge for applique stitching.

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