Duftin Punch By Number/Punch Needle Embroidery Sugar Skull Pillow, Grey, 40cm x 40cm


Enjoy the relaxing and satisfying art of punch embroidery with this beautiful new kit from Duftin!

Bring a splash of colour and eccentric charm to your home with this sugar-skull emblazoned pillow pattern! New to punch embroidery? You’ll be pleased to find that it is a very meditative and relaxing art form! This kit from Duftin comes with pre-stamped and pre-finished fabric, a test-piece, mouline and instructions. Simply follow the numbers, punch and watch this design come to life!

This Punch Embroidery Kit Includes

Basic Fabric: Dess12 Grey, 100% Cotton (40cm x 40cm)
Pre-stamped and pre-finished fabric

Note: A punch tool and pillow form are not included in this kit.

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